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He was always available to answer any questions and made the whole application process simple. Jeff and the Ingram Mortgage Team are a great choice for anyone looking to get a mortgage. We were making our payments but weren’t making any progress. We went to the bank that we had our mortgage with, and they said they couldn’t do anything.

I have owned several properties over the past 15 years and have always used the bank to get my mortgage. Jeff was my mortgage broker for my latest purchase. Jeff is different from the bank because he actually goes out to find the best rate for you.

We are experts in researching mortgage rates and any additional costs imposed by your top choices.

This dedicated group of mortgage professionals aims to make your mortgage experience as stress-free as possible during this stressful time. Their team is passionate about their clients’ future and works hard to provide exceptional customer service, knowledge and the best online systems and financial options. This Mortgage specialist also serves in Township, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Fraser Valley, and various cities throughout BC and across Canada. The HomeHappy team has been in the business since 1999, helping thousands of families realize their dream of homeownership. Throughout the mortgage experience, they help you buy your first home, watch the market for you for better products, and refinancing your home if you need to use your equity. They are also helping you manage your mortgage right up until you are debt-free.

Mortgage broker Langley

I spoke to Jeff about our problem and he was able to use the equity in our mortgage through a refinance and he got us a rate that was much better than what any of the banks were offering. We are now able to put our money where it is needed and are saving hundreds of interest thanks to the IMT. Some borrowers prefer to work directly through the bank. Others choose to work with mortgage brokers as this may be much more cost-effective in the long term. First, banks tend to offer fixed rates. A mortgage broker, however, can offer a wider range of rates because they have access multiple banks.

Similarly, lenders often look for loopholes around the contract so that the mortgage will cost more in the long run. Nevertheless, our mortgage brokers in Langley offer their expertise to clients so that they don’t fall for such tricks. Today, MortgagesLab has become a platform for reliable brokers to meet clients and provide ongoing support throughout the mortgage experience. In other words, our network of dedicated and trained professionals offers the best financing services and their utmost dedication to help you meet your financial goals.

Can a mortgage broker help you make more?

They can save you money. Mortgage brokers either have access to thousands of lenders and they can find you deals, or they are tied to specific lenders and they may be able to get you an exclusive deal. A mortgage broker is more likely to get you better rates than a bank.

Different lenders offer different rates depending on the type of mortgage they are offering and their business dynamics. Langley’s top mortgage brokers have access to the best lenders and can help you find the best mortgage rate. If you don’t want to deal with the stress that comes with mortgage transactions, you need to consider working with us. We save you the hassle of having to go around looking for a lender that offers favorable rates and terms. Although it may be difficult to navigate the process on your own, most lenders won’t lend to individuals. However, they will gladly work with brokers. Our goal is to make sure you get the best rates possible and that you have a stress-free approval process.

What will a mortgage broker do for me?

A mortgage broker can help navigate you through every stage of finding and applying for a mortgage – to get the best deal available based on your individual circumstances. For example, their service may include: Helping you assess your financial situation. They will recommend the best mortgage for you.